"I am providing a platform to the students where they can feel comfortable as a learner and learn English as it is a cup of tea. I am not making employees here, I am making British Foundation Family where every member is equally important as a team."



"I wanna see this system as one of the biggest systems of India and through this British Foundation System I will serve my Country too."







To contribute towards the establishment of an egalitarian society where all the prevailing unjust, exploitative divides along the lines of caste, class, gender, region, religion and race have disappeared.
To contribute towards creation of a sensitive, responsive and responsible bureaucracy
To utilize the domain of education as a means of societal change
To create a space for public intervention through various projects and educational initiatives.



The target is to make people expert in English Language as well as in English subject. People are from poor families can also get the education at British Foundation system through Scholarship and manage their studies even if not having good financial condition. We are here for every category, group and cast, we only provide the scholarship behalf of knowledge.





We believe in doing not saying, Students get a healthy ambiance at British Foundation Premises and they learn as they have learned their mother tongue in a practical way. Teaching Staff is full supportive. Students get extra time for additional quires. Weak Students get extra time for foundation classes. We are shaping the career of the students.






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